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View  our extensive range of stunning Mango wood, Recycled Teak, Suar Wood and boat wood furniture pieces.  We offer lounge room, bedroom, dining room and office furniture and we are continually expanding our range as a result of ideas and feedback from our customers. All of the wood types used for our furniture are  100% kiln dried to minimise the moisture content which means our  furniture is  suitable for our dry climate in Western Australia. Furniture pieces in our range  can be changed in dimensions or designs altered to suit our customers. We specialise in custom made furniture, so If you have a design, photograph or drawing of a piece that you would like, let us make it for you.

Mango Wood

Mango wood furniture is made from Mango wood trees. The trees grow to very large sizes and eventually reach an age where they no longer produce mangos. The trees are  taken down and the wood used for furniture making and decorative pieces. New trees are replanted to comply with Indonesia’s Tree Replacement Programme. Mango wood is a hard wood with magnificent variation in its grains and patterns and is available in 4 colour finishes – Natural, Grey, Walnut and Brown. 100% kiln dried.

Recycled Teak

All of our recycled teak furniture  has had a former life as the wood has been reclaimed from old houses, building, bridges and other structures in Indonesia before being recrafted  into furniture. Teak is a very hard and dense wood. Some nail holes, wooden patching and surface cracks reflect the age and charm of the wood and are all  part of the characteristics of recycled teak furniture. Available in different colours including natural, stained, white, grey and black wash. Surfacing can be smooth or textured with a wax or clear sealer finish. 100% kin dried.

Suar Wood

The wood from Suar Trees is one of the most durable hardwoods. The bands of grain come in rich shades of brown with the outer edges of the tree trunk being blonde. The wood is sourced from fallen trunks and is suitable for making slab style dining tables, coffee tables, hat stands and stools.    Available in natural or grey colour finish. 100% kiln dried.

Boat Wood

Our boat wood furniture has been constructed from Teak and Iron Wood that are  used to build Indonesian fishing boats. When the brightly painted fishing boats are no longer seaworthy, the boats are dismantled and the interior and exterior wood of the boats is used for furniture making. Every boat wood furniture piece is unique in its  colours, surface and patterns. A clear non toxic, water based and UV resistant sealer is applied to seal the surfaces. 100% kiln dried.